Sunday, March 27, 2011

Talking Smack

Stepping on soapbox;

Like any good state in America, Kansas has a college rivalry.  K-State/KU goes back forever.  Some years the competition is good and some not so hot.  Especially the 90's in basketball and really the early 2000's. Ok, so KSU was horrible at the round ball and people didn't even know KU had a football team.  Really you are either a Wildcat or a Jayhawk and maybe the exception to the rule, my Dad who will root for KU because it's better when we beat them if they are good.  I think he has just rooted for them forever and now that is his excuse.  But I digress. 

I love watching KU lose.  Not because I don't respect the team or the players, because I do.  I love a great game and they are usually a great team.  But because it brings out the whiny hypocrites I call facebook/high school friends.  Last week after a great KSU/Wisconsin game that left us a little short, KU fans were out in force.  Today I witnessed several statuses that made me shake my head.  My favorite I think was, the first person to say anything Anti-KU is getting deleted, then there was the wow, I am pretty sure I don't know anyone that went to Butler/VCU, etc. but all this hate.   Then there is the hating of the refs.  I really can't stand that, because besides the rare games, the refs do a pretty good job.  Make your shots and quit fouling, then the refs won't matter.  However, one guy admitted defeat and said gotta hit your shots to win the game.  I think those are the fans that get it.

I feel bad for all the seniors in the last weeks that have suited up for the last time. I've been there, witnessed it and it is always emotional.  So in conclusion, I am all for a good game of smack talk before the game, because it's fun to defend your team and show some school spirit.  But after, shake hands, say good game and leave it at that until next year.

Off soapbox.

After my craptacular beginning of the week, it started looking up and my stress level lowered.  My ticked off client is not completely off my back yet, but I do feel like I got some things accomplished this week.  I got some tax returns out the door on Friday and finished up some loose ends on a couple audits.  I still have a ton to do and not so many hours to do it, but at least it is forward motion.

We went to a Birthday party yesterday and Willa had a good time.  The bounce house was fun and she got to stuff one of those critter things.  I think I got about 5,000 steps over my average just chasing her around.  It was about a half hour to long in my opinion only because I was tired and just wanted her to sit down for a few minutes.  She kept wanting to run out into the mall.  Maybe I should suggest to them to gate off the bounce house so kids can't escape?  We went a saw the baby chicks and rabbits today and we were nervous she would call them a dog.  She called them ducks which was pretty close.  Sadly, B learned you are allowed 3 hens and no roosters if you live in town.  He is now trying to figure out to keep the Fox (Belle) out of a hen house.  Lord help me....


Liz said...

i LOVE that VCU won! and i know plenty of people who went there ;)

ksuJennyP said...

Well you're too nice. I feel bad for KU, but the picture I snapped on my Facebook wall will keep me giggling for months. Plus, you can't feel too bad for them, they did win both Big XII championships this season. And they lost to the Cinderella.

And I'll never miss an opportunity to bring up this "dunk", which has had me laughing for four years.

Anonymous said...

And Grammie got told no to ducks for Easter. Maybe a Easter bunny would be better. She could have it in the house and outside... Grammie will have to work on that one...