Monday, March 14, 2011

Pinch Proof

I meant to take lots of pictures for this post but just got too excited and didn't.

I saw the idea over at Skip to My Lou and knew my little Irish one needed a new shirt.

This has all my favorite things....craftiness and thriftiness. I was at Target looking for a shirt I could do this to and what do I find but $1.50 boys shirts! They had little pockets on the front, but if there is one thing I have learned from blogging is that it only takes a little effort to make something into something else. I broke out my seam ripper and took those little pockets off. We headed off to Joann's and spent $1.11 on velveteen fabric paint. Printed off the template, traced it onto my freezer paper, painted, and voila! For $2.61, you can't beat it.

Note to self: Do not let child play with unopened paint container, despite it having a seal. Childproof seals are not childproof and child's mouth will be covered in green paint. Parent points: paint was non-toxic and a little teeth-brushing can cure many problems.

Thanks  Skip To My Lou