Thursday, March 31, 2011


The Edge, the breaking point....whatever you want to call it, I have hit it.  My Superwoman cape needs to goto the cleaners like yesterday!  But moving on, there is a light at the end of the audit from hades tunnel and I am hoping that by Monday at the latest, part 1 will be completed.  Part 2 should go much faster and they are friendlier people to work with.  Sometime transistion sucks, no?

Our happy little girl is a very happy little girl except when she has an over abundance amount of fun at daycare and comes home exhausted.  Then happy little girl turns into the Very Angry Elf.  Angry elf is not to be dealt with, usually meaning an early bedtime.  She returns that favor by waking me up and hour early and wanting to play with the dogs.  She has yet to learn there is no such thing as 6 am.  We are working on this leasson very hard, because truly any good night owl knows you must not rise before the sun.

Her 18 month appointment went well and we spent most of the time talking about dental hygiene.  Our pedi was impressed with her ability to floss and wanted B to make an instructional video for you tube. :)

Shots are next week so we have to stop back in.  She made it all week in the 2 year old room and my gosh it is baby palooza there.  3 of the 5 teachers are pregnant and 1 is "not avoiding."  Craziness.