Monday, March 14, 2011

A Test

I know I have talked ad nauseum about Willa's love for Lady Antebellum, but you might be glad to know she is starting to branch out and like other artists. She is already passing her Dad's tests in recognizing music only a few bars into the song. Because I am horrible at that game, I am amazed at how well she does.

Last Sunday, her and I were having lunch when she cocked her head and got really quiet. I couldn't figure out what she was doing until she started dancing in her high chair. She could hear the music on in the living room and it was one of her new favorite songs.

My new favorite word of hers this week is Oh Jeeze which is usually proceeded by Uh Oh. My not so favorite this week is the temper tantrums that come out of nowhere. So far, the only way to combat the meltdowns is bedtime. My other favorite is her attempts at picking out her clothes. It's pretty comical. If mom is home I help direct to matching outfits. If dad is home, she gets to wear what she wants.

I took a break from work on Saturday and went with B and Willa to feed the geese at Gibson Park. B was not impressed with a loaf of bread I bought so he donated it to the birds. He thought it was rather comical when the geese wouldn't eat it. They liked the jelly filled powdered donuts better I guess. I did find a squirrel to partake though. We also went to feed the fish at the hatchery. Little girl just wanted to chase birds and watch the fish. She was not happy to leave either place. We went for a walk on Sunday up to Walgreens and Joann's (next post!) and a little while later she was trying to climb back in her stroller to go out again.

I hate to break her heart, but I am sure winter is not over yet. She got to play outside today and help B grill and she was just so happy about it.

Then she went to bed early.