Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lessons Learned


I learned several things this weekend…some a little surprising, one kind of exciting, and one pretty sad.

Sad….I have over 100 billable hours still to work this month to reach my budget.  Even sadder is my budget in March is higher than this month.  Hopefully my 86 hours that I am ahead of budget going into February will give me some cushion if I don’t make it.  I really want to though, because two years ago I was pregnant and didn’t make my budget thanks to morning sickness…and evening sickness.  Last year B left for Texas, so my budget got slashed then too.  Still, working all those hours really isn’t that exciting.  Funnily, it’s the 13th and I have only done 3 returns and punched in the numbers for my own.  Pesky audits.

Surprising… I took Willa to get her pictures taken yesterday and realized my stubborn little girl is also pretty shy.  She wouldn’t smile for anything.  Finally like 45 minutes later and about 12 Pullen for Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s later, we finally got her to toss up her 3 hands, come out of her shell and smile.  We got a few good pictures and hopefully the next time won’t take so long.

She is also driving me crazy because she will only tell B please and thank you.  Not me!  She even does it unprompted to him when she wants something, especially treats.  On the upside, at least she is saying please and thanks.

Exciting….I am totally getting into couponing.  Mostly just at Walgreens, but at the Commissary today I scored Gain dryer sheets for $.20 because I had a $3.00 off coupon.  I already feel like I am getting a little stockpile on the just the few things I have bought.  I don’t plan on being a crazy coupon lady, but if I can save some money on the things we use all the time, why not?

I attempted cake pops again for the Daycare’s Valentines party tomorrow.  I think I have a new strategy for next time I make, though this time was a vast improvement.  I doubt the kids will notice they don’t look so hot if they taste good.

Happy Hallmark Holiday to you all.


Liz said...

oh if cake pops work out, i need the recipe :)i see the pillsbury instructions for them on their funfetti boxes. are they the same?