Thursday, February 16, 2012


I had this wonderful post all planned out about how I have been decluttering and organizing the house, but for the last several nights we have been battling a small person.  What happened to our little girl that went happily to bed each night? Can she fight?  At least two rounds, it seems like she gives it enough time for us to think she is going sleep and then she gets a second wind.  It leaves me exhausted.  We know she is tired and that she loses control, but no matter what we try to head it off each night, she just fights it. AGGHHHH!

I can deal with most of her stalling, kicking, but its the screaming that sets my teeth on edge.  I am just lost.


Liz said...

So glad this isn't only happening in our house! There needs to be at least one tantrum of some sort every night no matter how good of a mood she's in. Bah!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe completely change the nighttime routine. Stick with it for a whole week.