Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Saturday Fodder

We have had some snow the last few days, but as far as snow goes, it's been a nice snow.  Just a light powder and today there was no wind.  B had to work since they were doing a flyover for the Cat/Griz game and about 11:30 he asked if we were going to watch the planes.  I thought to myself this might be a good chance to let Willa play in the snow.  So I bundled us up and herded everyone outside.  Being the nice person that I am, I also decided to shovel the walks and our porches.  I tried to start a snow fight, but Miss Prim and Proper was not impressed with getting snow on her coat and scolded me accordingly.  I thought she might want to try a snow angel and again she was not impressed.  We got all the shoveling done and I had decided we missed the planes coming back so it was time to head inside.  It was then that I found out I had locked us out of the house.  No keys, no phone, and no unlocked windows.  We had a few options in my mind.

I thought if we did miss the planes, B would be heading home soon.  We could go see if any of our neighbors were home, but I wasn't to comfortable with that.  Or we could walk to Walgreens and try to get ahold of B.  Since the sun was shining, I decided we would just play outside and if we got cold we would try something else.  I didn't even have my watch on to know what time it was.  Sadly, we soon saw the planes come back and land.  I knew though that as soon as we left the house we would miss B and he would freak out if he found all of our stuff at home and not us.  I peeked into the house to see what time it was and realized we were way past lunch and just past nap time.  My toes were getting cold so we headed up the street.

Luckily, B answered on the first ring and was heading home, so we warmed up browsing the store.  The saddest part of the whole story is when B texted if we were going to watch the planes, he meant on TV.


Anonymous said...

Well we can now say that Mimi is not the only one that got locked out of your house. Except when I did it it was warm and we could play outside and I had my phone on me...