Friday, November 4, 2011


Willa hoarding things in her pockets:
      Seriously, I find the most random things when doing her laundry.  Dominos, snacks, hair clips, rocks.  I am worried though, B's aunt once found a lizard.  She comes home with a lizard, I don't care how old she is, she will do her own laundry from then on. 

Changing clothes to have a pocket:
      She does this too, because she likes to put her phones in her pocket.  She is pretty particular because one of her phones (yes, she has two) isn't small enough to fit all the way into the pockets.

Just the Right PJ's:
      Her jammies must match, do not try to put her in unmatching jammies, even if the character matches.  Typically she will tell you which ones she wants.  Right now she is on a 4 day frog jammie kick. At least she is not naked right?

Calling me woman:
    So long ago in the beginning of our marriage, B started calling me Woman around groups of people to a) think he was asserting his authority (ha!) and b) so he could get my attention and c) he likes The Quiet Man.  Some people are appalled by it, but now it's just funny.  Even a few of his friends only know me as Woman.  He now falls out of his seat in fits of laughter when little sweet Willa yells Woman from across the room.

"Bye, see you later!"
    Playing with our babies is a huge thing right now and Willa will pack her bag and purse, strap a baby into the stroller and proceed to yell "Bye, see you later!" as she struts herself to the back door to play.  Funny enough, but now she has added in a "Give me hug" before she goes and we both have to hug her before she goes to play.  It's hilarious and so sweet at the same time.  She even did it when I dropper her off at daycare which is a step up from her ripping off her shoes and sprinting away from me every morning.

These are the things that keep us hopping at the Moylan household.


ksuJennyP said...

I miss you and Willa!