Monday, November 14, 2011

A -Poo story

I think I am truly a minimalist at heart.  My house might not show that, but I love when I use something up and can get rid of it.  Just recently, I got to use up a few things.  I always use up my conditioner before I finish up a bottle of shampoo, but I always start a set together so before I knew it, I had three bottles of mostly empty shampoo bottles in the shower.  That made for a cluttered shower for sure.  But being the coupon savvy person that I am, scored a free bottle of conditioner and decided it was time to rid myself of shampoo.  I got through two and almost the third before I ran out of conditioner again.  Around that time I also finished a bottle of moisturizer too, so it was really exciting times I am telling ya.  Anyway, I love when everything is hidden and in its place.  Because I put the pro in procrastinator I have been trying to take baby steps getting rid of our clutter.  Sometimes that means only one thing goes out of the house or maybe sometimes 2 things come in.  But hopefully soon, I can be content with all the stuff we still have or at least develop a little bit better organization.  Or maybe, I will decide to go the No-Poo route and not have to worry about shampoo bottles anymore.