Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fun Week

I had firm-wide CPE this week, which usually means boring CPE and fun times with the firm.  This time we had the added bonus of getting to see REBA in concert!!!  Plus all the quality bonding time.  I also actually understood most of the CPE and only had a handful of times where I thought I would fall asleep.  I even won a couple of prizes.  So what if one was for being the biggest complainer of temperatures in any room at any clients, who got a new space heater?

We took part in the corn maze yesterday, but did no corn mazing.  Willa was taller than some of the corn and even though there would have been no chance of getting lost and having to call 911 we just did the other activities.  She really didn't care for the corn boxes but loved the hay jump and the big slide.

I finally understood what people mean by how quick kids change.  Coming home on Friday, Willa seemed to be talking in longer sentences and making more sense.  That has been typical recently and she can be pretty funny and sassy.  The sassiness is sometimes over the top and we are still wading through how to respond to it all.  Her little independence streak can be a help and a hindrance depending on the time of day.

In a little Mommy pat on the back moment:  I created a big bag of stuff to take on our trip a few weeks ago and didn't get through it all.  So this weekend I got one of the activities out and she loves it!  I bought some pipe cleaners and some beads and she sits for a long while stringing the beads.  The beads don't fall off, she works on some fine motor skills, and most of the beads stay on the cookie sheet so easy clean up.  Win-Win for all.

BTW, Go Wildcats! EMAW! Go Chiefs.