Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life as We Know It

We just returned from Kansas on Monday and of course it was a whirlwind weekend.  It was a little touchy getting there and took us a little longer than we expected but we made it.  The wedding was beautiful and we had a wonderful time.  Lucky for us, Willa had a much better time on the drive back.

Apparently since turning 2, Willa has decided it was time to take a bigger role in her wardrobe.  Yesterday she was the most specific she had ever been when I was changing her diaper and she told me she wanted to wear Owl's.  I was trying to get her into a Chiefs outfit but she remained persistent.  As the wardrobe battle is not one that I will fight as long as it is weather appropriate and matches.  I also have to be able to do her hair since she shares my Medusa hair in the mornings.  She won yesterday and still looked cute.

Because of the long drive Willa watched a lot of her DVD player.  Now that we are home she continues to watch her movies.  Luckily now, she will watch more than just the LeapFrog Letter Factory.  So now we bounce from Scooby, Big Bird, Monkey and Ariel.  Ariel is the funniest because she yells at the shark to be nice and go away.

Her new move now is jump off of anything.  The couch, the curb, her bean bag.  If it is a jumping opportunity she is going to seize it.  Yesterday when I picked her up, because the ground was wet and she wanted to be dry, she jumped all the way to the car while holding my hand.  I was sure she was going to slip, but she did all right.

My other Willa favorite that I don't think I have written about is how she answers B these days.  He will say "Willa" and she will either replay What? or No!  He might not make it to the teen years. :)

We had high hopes of going to the corn maze today but it is raining so we might just be stuck at home.