Thursday, September 29, 2011


I feel like I have tons of stories I want to write down and I just never sit down to do it.  But lately they have been pretty funny.  Most of them have to do with hair and clothes, Lord help us.

I am in charge of the clothing combinations, but lately Willa has wanted to challenge my choices.  Many times she wants a tank TOP.  Lady, it's September, tank tops are done.  Jammies are pretty hilarious.  I think she usually goes through the drawer at least 3 times before she can make her selection.  And don't even think about giving her mis-matched jammies because she knows which one goes with which.  We had a power struggle one night when I couldn't find the top to the correct Dora jammies.

Hair is a new interest as well.  She likes to pick her own bows and clips and as I am putting her hair in a pony she is usually picking out an elastic from the tub.

She had her 2 year well check on Monday and she is still hitting all the milestones expected.  She had taken a pretty nasty spill at daycare the other day when she tripped over her own feet, so I asked about her pigeon-toedness.  Most toddlers are a little bit, but it seemed like a lot of people had mentioned it.  Long-story short, Willa will now be getting arch supports.  Sadly, I haven't found any yet for children so she may be getting some new shoes.

I feel like this age is so exciting.  She has been putting sentences together and it's almost like holding a proper conversation with a little person.  She is starting to remember more things and surprises us regularly with things she mimics.