Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Labor of Love

I am skipping a few weeks and will come back to them, but I figured I should start with what is fresh in my mind.  In the last week I have learned several things.  Namely, that my husband can never tell me that I am not spontaneous again.

Because I learned:

You should say yes to impromptu trips to Denver suggested by said husband the Tuesday before Labor Day.
You should prepare to sit on a runway for 45 minutes for 1.5 hour flight.
You should check out road construction in the area husband booked for you to stay.
You should pack a soft-side cooler to keep milk on ice in the hotel for the milk-a-holic named Willa.
Anti-nausea medication should be given regardless of how short the drive through Denver is.
You should also pack not only an extra outfit for the kiddo but for the parental units in the case of forgetting to give the anti-nausea medication, including undergarments. :(

I also learned:
My little chica is such a little person and not a little baby anymore.
She knows most of her animals and the sounds they make.
She loves snakes more than I realized.
She can almost say the whole alphabet.
She knows sharks from regular old fish.
She provides great assists at putt-putt golf.
B is afraid of my bumper boats prowess and refused to partake.
Skee-ball is not what is used to be.  The balls are wussy.
I learned that the items you needed on the to trip are not the same items you will need on the return trip.
We learned that the Ugandan North American Alliance can party all night long.
We found out how busy the walking mall is on a Saturday night in Denver and all the interesting people that entails.
We learned the Nissan Versa is not the car for the Moylan family.
We learned that B hasn't had to deal with toddler tantrums in public very often.

I think all-in-all we had a pretty good time and the weather was really nice.  We did all the things we planned and even watched some football and relaxed a little.  Luckily for B, he asked me just as I was planning all our Labor Day weekend projects or I might have been tempted to say no. 


Anonymous said...

Did B take you on a scenic route while you were there?