Saturday, October 2, 2010

Intruders and Shrinkage

Fall has arrived and brought a few little treats with it! Willa woke up the other night and I was sure for just a few seconds that somebody was breaking into the house. I kept hearing "walking" on our porch. But then it hit me, the crab apples were falling off the tree! They are like missiles if you aren't careful, we almost need to wear hard hats. It was nice to realize we were safe, but I am ready for the rest of them to fall so our porch doesn't look like a blood bath and we stop hearing them fall.

I have always heard that pregnancy changes your body, including your feet. As in your feet get a little bigger. A year or so ago I bought two pairs of boots, black and brown. Same boot, different color and I only tried on one. Well, my brown were a little snug, like a little narrow. I just couldn't part with them but I had a hard time wearing them because my feet would hurt. I put them on the other day and lo and behold they fit just fine. So I am not sure if your feet can shrink or if I was just low in my water retention but I am excited!

Our little Chicky gets more stubborn each day. She comes by this trait honestly, but man it can wear a parent out! I heard a phrase the other day that I think is so true. When they are newborns you are mentally exhausted and when they are toddlers you are physically exhausted. Her stubbornness is pretty funny, except it's probably going to get her hurt. She is fearless and has no problems throwing herself on to things. She ran into her car seat the other day and gave herself a black eye and I don't think it phased her one bit. She likes to walk when we are doing things instead of being carried. I like her Independence, but it makes me nervous for next week when she needs to set on my lap for the flight to Kansas. I am pretty sure it may not go well. I know I am going to be tired by the middle of the afternoon.

I am not complaining by any means just flabbergasted by it, but our kid has no interest in the TV except to turn it off or play with the remote. It amazes me because we always have it on, typically ESPN or music or just anything for noise. She might watch part of a music video but other than that she couldn't care less. I turned on the Sprout channel while I was getting ready one morning thinking it would interest her for a few minutes. Oh No, she didn't care and I was a little bored with it myself. But I guess we are doing something right if we don't turn her into a couch potato. Now if we could only get her interested in actual potatoes and other vegetables we might get back some parents of the year points. She loves her carbs and fruit (yeah, that's me too), but put some meat and veggies on her tray and she feeds the dogs.

When we named Willa we weren't trying to give her a different or unique name, we just liked it. But it's almost been a game when we say her name to people. They either say they know a Willa, or "that's different." After she was born a co-worker said there was a children's show with the name which is kind of neat. In the OR when she was born, all the nurse's and doctor's said they had never delivered a Willa which was special I think. A couple co-workers and I always check out the hospital babies for names since one gal needs ideas for her new baby and I was a little disappointed to see another Willa was born this week. It's not like we have a copyright or anything on the name or that I think nobody should use it. I'm not sure what it was.

We have some packing and painting to do this weekend and if B gets home from his class at a good time I hope we can head out to the corn maize sometime.


ksuJennyP said...

Have no fear, when you get off that airplane in KCMO, BFF ksuJennyP will be there to help you with all of your toddler needs :) I'm SO EXCITED!