Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A-mazing Sneakiness

We didn’t go to the corn maze as anticipated on Saturday, but I did get to help decorate a cake on the cold morning. We actually had frost on the ground! I guess it is October but it has been in the 70’s all week, so I guess it was just a fluke. The cake was fun, though we lived and learned. Cake decorating should be done in stages and Mandi did not allow enough time for cutting and freezing before we frosted. Result=chocolate cake in the frosting. But it still looked good and I heard the 84 year old Notre Dame fan loved it!

Sunday brought a milk/bottle strike from the little one. We have been trying and losing the battle of the bottle since before her birthday. I had heard horror stories of trying to break the bottle habit and we were gearing up for a long road. (Funnily enough, B made the comment that we were due for a battle since everything else has been fairly easy. This was easy for him to say since he was 2000 miles away during the first teething stage) I digress…..she would not drink anything but water. So on Monday, I told daycare I didn’t know what she would do and they just smiled. Fast forward to 5:00 I picked her up and she is drinking milk out of a sippy. I said Wow, did she do that all day to which they replied, “Oh, she has been doing that for a while.” NICE, she would throw a fit when we tried to use it. Now that Miss Sneaky has been outed we haven’t given her a bottle and she seems to be doing fine.

Sunday afternoon after a sad Chiefs loss, we headed out to the Corn Maze. I thought it was fun, cheap entertainment; the other two were under enthused. We played in the hay jump, whet half way through the corn tunnel, completed the corn conundrums, went down the slide, rode the grain train and did one of the corn mazes. It was a gorgeous day and we only had to turn around a few times doing the maze. I would be willing to bet the haunted maze at night is fun for the kiddos, but we didn’t try that.

I jinxed the poor Bumblebee. I thought I blew a fuse on my dashboard this morning and it made it quite a trip from daycare to work without knowing how fast I was going. Not safe, I know but luckily I was only on one busy strip to cross the bridge. But now it appears it’s a cluster box of some sort.
Have I also mentioned she loves playing in her old car seat? Hilarious!


ksuJennyP said...

Is your bumblebee so jinxed it has to be replaced?!