Sunday, September 26, 2010

100, 1,000, 100,000

That's right folks, the Bumblebee has crossed into six digit mileage. When the Bumblebee was purchased on September 12, 2002 there were 12 miles on the odometer. I watched it click over to 100, 1,000 and on Saturday September 25, 2010 witnessed the 100,000 mark. I have been very lucky with my car. Really no problems, and only few repairs scratches and one dent so I have few complaints. When I got pregnant everybody said I would need a new car but nobody was willing to pony up the cash for one. Go figure! I stayed loyal to my Bee and Willa has enjoyed her first year riding in the back seat with no problems what so ever getting in an infant carrier and now the convertible.

Thanks Bumblebee! Maybe one day you will Transform.


Liz said...

this post makes me laugh! i love that you call your car bumblebee and you got it on audrey's bday (our bumblebee!) 8 years funny. it's like your car was an omen!

wrestling75 said...

I can remember the look on your face and the call to mom when the purchase of the bumblebee was in suspense. The bumblebee has surpassed her deeds and then some.