Friday, October 15, 2010

Long Time No See

It might have been my longest hiatus from blogging, and it's mostly because I don't know what to write about. Do I write about my five days in Kansas or how I change more dipeys at home. :)

Kansas was a success. We got JCA married and she is now Dr. JCF and I have a feeling I am going to have a hard time making the switch. But after a harried day on Wednesday for JP and I to fly in to KCI. We both had drama, but after a delayed start we headed off to Manhappenin', where we both decided we are old. I learned this lesson the hard way and have vowed to never do it again. One of the bright spots of our trip was the TWO stops into Hobby Lobby. Oh how I heart Hobby Lobby. It makes we want to move to be near one. The game was a disappointment but we got to see some people we haven't seen in a while and meet some new friends. Plus, we got to play pitch!! The fun continued well into Friday and we successfully rehearsed and then got to know our new friends better. I even found out we knew some common people. Not that Kansas is very big, but it's still always fun.

The BIG day was a neat experience too. The only other wedding I have been in was my own, so it was nice to view from this perspective. JCA was gorgeous and our photographer was hilarious. The I Do's were said and we were off to dance! Poor JP took a shot to the nose, but we all survived. SEW and I enjoyed some champagne and we chatted with our new friends well into the night again. The four hour drive the next morning was not nearly as exciting.

The neatest part of the whole trip was how the four of us haven't been all together in over two years and yet it felt like we still lived next door to each other. Those are the kind of friendships you hope for and I feel so blessed to have them.

The Kid and I were glad to be home and B was successful in his class he took while we were gone. She was also very excited to finally had reluctant tooth break through and we were relieved as well.

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary today, and while our relationship has evolved I can't think of any regrets about putting on that Maggie dress and waltzing down the aisle.

We are going to check out the corn maize tomorrow and I hope it's tons of fun.


ksuJennyP said...

Getting all teary eyed at the end of that post. It sure didn't seem like there was a 2 year gap in everyone seeing each other.