Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Laborous Weekend

So I took Friday off to get the bathroom painted, plus DirecTV was being reinstalled. We began the morning taking the Kid to daycare and finishing tidying up the house. Next I battled Tricare for like the 5th time in a week trying to figure out why my faxes were going into NeverEverland. Finally got a chick that got the problem solved and semi-officially we are re-insured. So another trip back across town to the office to try a new fax. I say semi-officially because I am still not seeing it online. Though I must give props to their customer service because each time I called they sincerely seemed to be trying to figure out the problem and answer all my questions.

Next B tackled the dismantling of a few bathroom fixtures. This led to us realizing we needed a few more supplies. So off to ACE I go where I even found a few extra things, including a shamrock cookie cutter for our sweet baby bum cake coming up. We puttied and textured sprayed and I finally got to paint. Usually I am a terrible painter, which my dad will attest to, but I think I did a pretty good job keeping my mistakes to a minimum. I took my time, used my edger, wiped up drips and wound up with a blue bathroom.

Saturday I broke out the laser level and drill gun to hang the towel rack and my pictures. Cheapo laser level rocks! I have officially decided I am semi-handy to have around the house.

Sunday brought more rain and still no stained deck. Our little chick did not appreciate having to sit and be quiet during Mass. It was really a sad thing too, since we were trying a new church. We really liked it but we might have to try a different Mass since we were by far the youngest people there at 8:30. They glared at our pretty little lady for being loud.

We broke out some yard work on Monday trying to finish up the tree business. B knocked down the rest of the swing set. It was so rotted he basically just pushed it over. I moved roughly 20 wheelbarrows full of wood chips into all the flower beds in the back. It is so amazing how much the yard has changed since cutting most of the tree down and the neighbor moving his camper to the other side of his yard. It feels like we can see so much more. We have a few more stumps to get rid of and some more chips to move the front flower beds and we are in business.

It was so nice having 4 days off. We watched football, played, made a trip to Wally World, organized the office a little bit and planned for Willa's birthday party. I think I finally decided on the cake designs and menu....just need to figure out what I want to do for favors and buy the rest of the supplies. Most things can't be done too far in advance so it feels like I just keep adding to my list of things we still need to get.

Tonight we learned not only can she take things apart or out of their container, but that she can put them back in. Her and B played with her tub of dinosaurs and she had great fun taking them in and out. She also tried to chug the bucket of dinos, which was hilarious! Hopefully we will expand on her cleaning up skills and she can help put away the massive amount of toys she drags out every night.

But I leave with these sweet shots; me being chased by her, and Bosco deciding that if the changing pad is going to be on the floor he is going to use it as a pillow.


Anonymous said...

Your Husband sounds so strong!