Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I might be crazy I decided. Who in their right mind hosts bunco and 1st birthday party within three days of each other along with having overnight company. Yeah, that's me. I think I have about 5 lists going, at least 50 cakes to make (ok, not 50, but I have a lot to do). Plus, I have to find subs for the bunco group. None-the-less, I am excited but crazy.

So the Grammy and the Rudy arrived last night and Willa was a little skeptical at first. Despite web-camming all the time it had been a while since she has seen them. They provided food and she was won over shortly.

She has been more chatty lately and told one of the daycare ladies NO when she needed he diaper changed. Of course she has never said that to her Mom because she is such a good little girl and minds her mom. :) Otherwise, she is her same busy self.

The work-spouse and I created another cake. We didn't know this person so we were a little nervous. It was the first time a cake was predominately fondant and my hands paid for it the next day. I rolled and rolled and rolled fondant it seemed like all day. But it turned out wonderful and she wants us to do a few more, and we had a few more requests.

But pictures to come of all the fun this weekend.


Kit said...

If it makes you feel better I do the same thing - completely overbook and then drive myself crazy. Of course, I go crazy when I dont have enough to do too so it's a Win-Win - at least that's how I prefer to think about it.
Hope you made it through okay!