Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My dearest love........I watch and understand so much more on the television. We originally got it for B while he was TDY and wanted to record Shark Week! Shark Week I tell you, the man is a closet nerd. But being the loving wife that I am and trying to be nice while he was on the 2nd of 3 TDY's in 6 months I ordered it. But secretly, maybe not so secretly, I fell in love. Especially the pause and rewind features. Kid cries, pause, kid screams, rewind, time to skype, pause, can't hear what they are saying, rewind and up volume. Inventors of TIVO should be put up for sainthood.

The Kid and I arrived safely back from the Land of OZ late Sunday night. This time with out luggage and all her new clothes. Seriously, 41lbs and I bet only 5 of it was my stuff. Plus, I had taken a bunch of stuff to people and left it, and really didn't need to take anything for her since she got gifts from both Grandmas.

The wedding was a lot of fun and the bride and groom looked wonderful. The Kid was only semi-noisy during the ceremony but she acted about how I expected. I think we should only go back for events like that. It is so much easier to see more people all at one time and catch up quickly. It had been quite a while since we had been out dancing, so I was excited to do that. We got our pictures taken, so I only have a few on my camera, hopefully we see those soon. The Kid stayed at Grammy and Grampy's so we were able to enjoy a night out by ourselves which I believe was the first time since she was born. I highly recommend it to all new parents. Take some time to have a date night once in a while. Especially if one of the spouses isn't out of the state.

It was nice to see B for a few days too. The Kid recognized him though she was kind of a Momma's girl by the end of the weekend and a Clingy McGee this week. Not sure if its a new tooth coming in or she is tired of all the changes in her schedule. There should be no more trips or visitors for a while so maybe we can get back into our routine

She was such a good sharer while we were gone. She liked both Sophies and her cell phone. We might have a little techie on our hands if we aren't careful. Poor real Sophie thought she was getting a treat.


Anonymous said...

Shark Week huh sounds like your husband is the man!