Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving on Up (or down I mean)

After a few weeks of using me as a jungle gym, the Kid decided to show off her skills by showing me how she can pull herself up to her knees in her crib. Today she followed up by standing all the way! B lowered the crib once before he left, so tonight I set out to conquer and lower the crib myself. I lowered it one "rung" and she was still almost over the top, so I had to go all the way to to the bottom with the crib. Which is not so good for the mommy who is all of 5'2". I have to stand all the way on my tip toes to lay her down. Lucky for me she can pull herself up now.

Our fun going to bed routine is out of whack again and it can be a real party trying to get her down for the night. Usually though, once she is all the way out she stays that way until 5:30-6:30 in the AM at which point she drinks half a bottle and sleeps for another hour. The dogs, not so much. They want out and they want breakfast too. Their jingle jangles are loud so I have been shutting the gate to keep them on my side of the house in the mornings. So they have been coming back to bed too.

We start our half-day Fridays at the office this week for the summer and I am pretty excited about it. If the weather holds, I will be golfing for the first time this year at roughly 12:30 and we are having a blue jean to go with it. The weather continues to be crazy, won't pick a season but knock on wood, we haven't seen any S---.

But off to bed since I think my little party-er (sp?) finally gave up.

Oh, and still only the bottom two teeth, though I think the next one is causing some of the sleep issues.