Monday, May 10, 2010

Forgotten SuperMom Story

I totally forgot to include a story on the last post! While flying home we had to make a diaper change, which we had accomplished on the trip in December so I knew what to expect. However, due to the close call in making our flight I also needed the facilities. Like a pro, one-handed, I accomplished this feat. Because this girl very rarely will use a public facility and the Kid rocked at holding still while we balanced precariously on the changing table. Hopefully this makes up for all my supermom fails.

The first mother's day has passed and I tried my best to not do much. We mostly played all day and web-cammed a little. On Saturday, the Kid attended her first birthday party. She sat and bounced a little on the jumper and enjoyed a Mum Mum while everyone else had cake. She eye-balled the cake but poor thing didn't get any. We also scored the car seat for my car at Target. It's the same one purchased in Kansas but Target was out of some other car seat so this one was the rain check. So it was like $20 less than it would be normally. Since I am still hanging on to the infant carrier (because it is oh so much easier to carry my purse, laptop, kid, and anything else I balance) I have yet to install it. She can be in the carrier until she is 32 inches (She will not make it to 32 lbs in it) I am trying to get my monies worth out of it. She doesn't seem to mind and I only carry her from the car to the house or daycare. Eventually, I am going to have to figure it out though. Maybe after her dad gets back. :)