Friday, April 30, 2010


The kid and I embarked on our first trip alone to OZ. Everything packed, only her food items in the diaper bag, a change of clothes for her, and the rest was checked. I typically hate checking bags because I always want my essential items in my carry-on, but I was unsure if I could handle a stroller, a squirmy infant, and another bag to make our connection. So I coughed up the $23 and sent my bag down the line. We got a wonderful snow/slush storm in the GTF on Thursday which made for an interesting experience just getting into airport by myself. Poor kid was freezing and since dogs got their muddy paws all over her coat on the way to their Hilton, she was only wearing a hat. Just getting our stuff out of the trunk led to the biggest bruise I have had in a long time on my arm. But we made it through security and on to the plane.

Happy girl was she while we de-iced and taxied to the runway. She was actually pretty good on the plane and it was very nice. The plane wasn't very full so we had a seat to ourselves and she was able to eat and play in her own seat. Having to de-ice and wait on the incoming plane made us a tad late into Salt Lake City. Of course, we had only a 56 minute layover! A lady from Delta was super nice, told me to wait inside and she would get my stroller, then she called ahead to have them get me a cart to take me to our gate. We hitched a ride and made it to our packed plane with a few minutes to spare. We weren't even the last ones on.

Her happiness was starting to wear thin as it was almost bedtime. Smart me had made her bottle on the first flight, so I just needed to get her in her jammies and change her diaper. So for our second time (once in December) we embarked on a journey to the in-flight restroom. Easy enough to change her, but by that point I had to go. Props to me for being able to and hold a baby. She finally settled down and went to sleep after an hour of constant up and down, turning circles in my arms. My arms are mush this morning.

We made it to KCI and only then did it dawn on me that my luggage my not have made the connection. It hadn't and was routed to Cincinnati. No biggie right, we should get it the next day. That is not appearing likely at the moment, so who knows how we are going to look for the wedding tomorrow. Worst case scenario it will arrive via UPS on Tuesday at my parents. Nice, considering we leave Sunday.

To cap off our evening we discovered the carseat that a friend had lent us and B had driven down in February was not rear-facing. So I strapped her in the best I could and we stopped at the first Wal-mart down the road. I would just like to point out how difficult it is to install a new carseat and alter the straps at midnight, in a windy parking lot.

But we made it to the house by via one gravel road detour because the train had made an emergency stop on the tracks and got to sleep in this morning. I also must? say that GTF is truly the windy city of the USA, but when you are sleeping in a house that has nothing surrounding it, you feel and hear the wind differently.

Today is a new day right?

Happy Birthday to SEW, and Happy Wedding day tomorrow to Joe & Ashliegh!!!!!!


Liz said...

omg, this post makes me even more scared to travel with audrey on sunday! i didn't mind christmas bc i had brian for backup, but it's just me, audrey and all of our luggage! and good job to willa for snuggling up w/ you. i think now that audrey is so used to napping in her crib, i'm screwed!