Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Kids

My Kid is cruising along anything she can pull herself up on and the real Kid retired. My favored Ken Griffey, Jr. retired and I didn't get a chance to see him play again. I told B last summer that we should take a trip to Seattle to watch a game, but the pregnancy police did not allow that.

The little cruiser though has been cracking me up. She laughs all the time, yells at her toys, tackles the dogs and is always on the lookout for a cell phone or remote. She has been trying all sorts of table food and for the most part likes everything. Usually she wants whatever I am having and strains her neck to see what is up. Cheerios are a new favorite.

We are down to last week of being bachelorette and are very excited. The rain won't stop around here, but it did let up enough for me to mow over the weekend. Still haven't made it to the golf course, but surprisingly its ok since I am a fair weather golfer.

Since it was raining on Friday, I went a movie. It's the second time I have gone to a movie by myself. First was the Dark Knight and this time Iron Man 2. Weird choices for a chick, right? Oh well, it was really good.

Until next time.