Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Blow Out

I must preface this and say we have been very fortunate in the fact there have been very few blowouts in this house. I can't remember when the last one was. Probably in those first few weeks even. Don't know if we just had good diapers or what, but that came to an end today. The little chick-a-dee had one, not to bad, but definitely on her clothes. She laughed the most adorable belly laugh through the whole thing and then threw the diaper cream in the trash. I laughed myself because hers was just so contagious. Luckily/Sadly her brand new onesie was only like $2 so I hope I can get the stain out. Her pants I think are going to survive.

Trees were damaged in our front yard this morning due to the heavy snow. Another instance where I wish B was here to handle it. One limb came all the way down and I think I will be able to move it, the other is still partially attached to the tree which I won't be able to move. I need to find a friend with a chain saw and a generous heart to help me out.

Oh well, I have a three day weekend to get it figured out while the Granny is here to watch the Kid.


Liz said...

we have had a lot more blowouts lately...all morning blowouts because she sleeps all night now! i guess that's a small price to pay for sleep, though.