Monday, April 12, 2010

A week of firsts

We have a tooth! We have a semi-crawler and we have our first bite marks. The Kid got bit at daycare today and it looks like it must have hurt. Hopefully her reasoning skills are developed enough that she won't put her finger in a 2-year olds mouth.

Anyway, back to her tooth. She screamed twice last night, at which point I was convinced she was having a nightmare because she wasn't waking up, but it must have been the tooth finally breaking through. Because you know I am sure, it happens just like that.

The crawling/scooting business is ever evolving. She can get where she wants regardless of if she is supposed to be. I was cleaning her room and was taking out the diaper trash. By the time I walked in and out with the sack she had made it to her closet. And she pink puffy hearts the computer and web cam. As soon as she hears the "call" she is scooting over to the screen. She loves talking to her dad and trying to eat the camera. It's really fun playing and interacting with her now, but it limits what I am able to get accomplished too. I can't turn my back on her at all and even the dogs are playing with her more.

Belle isn't as gentle as she was when the Kid was a newborn but she is getting better at letting play on and around her. The new fun thing is to play with Belle's jingle jangles (tags) and she will follow Belle around as she moves away from her.

On a work update: I have 2 more returns to drop into the software and couple to extend even though they are done and I am finished. Did a board report tonight, which makes it the second one I have done by myself. If I can get some planning done tomorrow and finish up those returns, I will be sitting pretty. I am really looking forward to the tax party on Thursday. I haven't gone out since October when we had our firm-wide CPE and we had class the following morning. I am really not a big partier/drinker but I make an exception for the April 15 party and firm-wide CPE. We dance and just have a good time with the people that go through the everyday stress we put up with. This year there is a Disco theme and if I remember I will have my mom take a pic of my work spouse and I dressed up compliments of my sister's Halloween costume. Lucky for me, the party is 2 blocks away. Never before have I had to worry about how I was going to get home, I am always the DD.

But it should be a good week and I am looking forward to no longer having the guilt of not putting enough hours and being free of tax returns.


Liz and Brian said...

it is so crazy how the teeth seem to really just pop up! i didn't even see audrey's at all...i felt it when i was feeding her! and it wasn't even in the place i expected it to be since she'd been chewing on things on the other side of her mouth...

and oh babies. we are in trouble!

Anonymous said...