Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And We're Walkin'

Yes, I love the Progressive commercials......but the Kid and I went strolling up to the new CVS up the street. It seems much smaller than the old, so we strolled on over to Target to get our precious baby foods. Apparently our little chunk has been eating a ton at daycare. Not sure how much she is getting yet, I have to inquire tomorrow, but combined with what I feed I think she might be getting a little much. Her next check up will be towards the end of the month, so hopefully by then I will have it all straightened out.

On the work front, I am drowning. We lost a few experienced preparers this year and most of us thought we would be fine. However, we did not realize there were a few audits that one did that got put on my plate. So now, I am trying to learn about these new clients, complete the audits alone and try to help prepare tax returns. Plus leave in time to pick up the Kid and spend some quality time with her. Needless to say I need a few more hours and maybe a nanny. Mostly, I just need my three monitors at home so I could put in some more audit hours at home. Its amazing what a difference two extra screens makes when you are so used to it. Maybe I just need a wife! One that will cook and clean and help me care for the Kid. Seriously, B did most of the cooking and I am sure I will gain all the weight back when he returns. I lived off cereal, sandwiches and popcorn before him and have been spoiled by kitchen expertise. Though the weight loss has been nice. My pants appreciate it.

Its comical that most of the pants I can fit back into now seem like I couldn't wear them forever. But really I just remember them getting to tight while my belly was growing a year ago. So it truly feels like I have a new wardrobe still.