Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Little Trickster

Just when I think I have the Kid all figured out she spices it up a bit. We have gotten up early to party this week and overslept once. She is not a very reliable alarm clock. Lord help me with the daylight savings thing.

Childcare has proved to be an issue. Not our daycare but the finding someone on the weekends. I am so new to this that I am constantly worrying about how much I should pay, how long I should be gone, etc. Then I have friends that offer to help, but they have kids and family too, so I hate to impose on their weekends. Plus I have the mommy guilt. What if she gets upset and cranky? It's so tough, but I have so much work to get done and working at night has been hit or miss lately. It usually depends on what time she falls asleep and how long we talk to B or Q or the Grandparentals. Plus the housework that I just love to do and I am usually beat by 9:00. I feel like I go from one computer chair to the next with a trip in the car in between. My next trip just might be to the padded walls.

Oh well, one month is almost down and only a month of taxes to go. If I could only get these audits wrapped up, I would be a happy girl. 2 are very nearly done, and one is going to be a rush.