Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rough Road

Being a temporary single-parent is tough. Props to those that do it full time. I am not in a profession that is easy to be a single parent. Especially during tax season. Not only am I trying to do our nightly routines alone then I have to squeeze in some tax work after that and now we have added web-camming with Daddy to our evenings. Long nights and even longer days when the Bug wakes up somewhere between 1 and 6. But this to shall pass and Daddy will get a turn. Though I am sure by then she will be sleeping through the night consistently.

I also think we are about to encounter teething. One of our daycare providers (which that was some drama this week too!) thinks she is and I have noticed her chewing and drooling a little more than her normal excess. So off to Wally-world we went tonight to get teething tablets. Who thought it was a great idea to put teething tablets with bath items. I see no relation at all. I think it would be more appropriate with the teething bars and other food items, no?

Any way the Olympics have been on for over a week and I have more love for the DVR than ever. I heart the Olympics and have been speeding through races and watching whatever catches my fancy and all my faves. Go USA.

But off to bed in hopes of stringing together some wonderful ZZZ's.


Liz and Brian Busch said...

teething tablets do not dissolve as fast as they say they do!