Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

I had really intended on blogging more in June but when we would come to KS for the weekends we just didn't spend much time on the Interwebz.  Or I would think of something to blog about during the week and never get around to typing it out.

But since this is the long weekend I figured I should do some catching up.

The Glow Run 5k
The whole Fam participated and I actually ran most of it.  B has sort of sucked me into this whole running thing and I have been trying to get out in the evenings to run a few miles.  Except I am a baby and its very hot and our road is very hilly.  But Baby Q was going to run with me for this and I thought that would keep me motivated and it did help except he left me in the dust.  My goal for July is 20 miles. I have 2 so far....

The all night Royals game

We planned on going to the game on the 3rd and it was beautiful all day....until we were about 2 miles from the stadium when it downpoured for 2.5 hours.  Game started at 9:45.  We did however extend our streak of watching a ball game on the 4th and the following fireworks.  7 years and going.

I am learning the ways of Grandma Jo and assisted her and my mom in canning some beets.  I do not eat beets but it is kind of fun.  I was able to order a bountiful basket this week and we ordered 75 lbs of peaches, 20 lbs of grapes, 15 loaves of bread and 3 baskets.  I canned my peaches and got 35 pints.  I am however, no where near fast enough at peeling. 

Willa and I have been organizing our weeks a little more.   We go to the library, get groceries, make our meal plans and lists.  This week she will start a preschool tumbling class and I hope it means we will start meeting some new friends.  The library moms must not think we are cool yet, though one did say we looked just alike.  We have been having fun doing her library bingo and reading for Papa Murphy's cookie dough.