Friday, July 26, 2013

Fair Week and more peaches

Another busy week around these parts.  Willa and I bought another case of peaches and we let them ripen up on the kitchen table a few days.  On Monday they were ready to go so we packed up and headed to Grandma Jo's on Tuesday.  We made a pie filling type of concoction that we have liked on ice cream and yogurt.  It is also fair week so we have spent some time at the fairgrounds.

I have been helping out a gal that is expanding her restaurant into mobile vending as well.  So now I can add some food service to my repertoire of skills.

Willa made her pig showing debut and it was a combo of comical and tragedy.  They were a few too many people and too many pigs for her liking.  She kept trying to keep up with her pig but was not real happy when other pigs got in her way.  She thought they were "Wild Pigs."  Her Baby Q was socializing a little too much and wasn't keeping up to well. :)  She was more nervous than I thought she would be but there was a lot of people so that is to be expected.

We have Chiefs Cheerleading Camp this weekend and if she likes it as much as her tumbling class she will have a blast.