Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finding our way

We have been racking up the miles along Highway 50 it seems and it confirms to me that driving it not my favorite thing to do in this world.  But we are starting to figure out keeping the car stocked of fun things for Willa and packing gets easier.

As I have been figuring out the best way to organize our rental, I had some little storage bins that Willa had used in her old bedroom.  We have many duplicates of coloring books, crayons, flashcards, stickers, and other little things so I took two of the buckets and filled them with those things and put one in each vehicle.  We no longer have to round up a bag each time we get in the car.  Seems so simple and yet took me so long to figure out.

This weekend just Willa and I went to KS to piddle around and we ended up canning more beets at Grandma Jo's and then on Sunday I got some sewing time in with Aunt Marcy and my cousin Stephannie while the little girls got to play.  We made them little dresses and Aunty Marcy helped us with our sewing machines and gave us plenty of fabric to keep playing around with.

Willa loves her new tumbling class and so do I!  Her favorite is the trampoline and the tumbling track.  I think she would go to a class everyday if we would let her.  I discovered they also have a little preschool dance class so we may investigate if that will work for her too.  I met some other moms there and one that I have a lot in common with.  She has been filling me in on the activities and things around here.

We keep trying to find our routine and groove around here, but a lot of days we just like to veg out and for now I am ok with that.