Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Whole Lot of Nothing

B informed me tonight that my blog was sucking as of late. I agreed. I have had several blog posts rumbling in my head, each more exciting g than the last. They have included; our yogurt journey, strawberries, grandparents and much more.  Some of those things I can't share yet, but I am guessing my posting will pick up soon.

I have mostly tried to keep the fact I am solo parenting yet again off Facebook, but since I have so few readers I can probably "speak" freely here. We are on week 3 of the latest TDY and it has probably been the hardest yet.  Mostly because we really miss B and partly because Willa is in the most awesome phase of fighting bedtime. Seriously, it is the best.

Can't remember if I mentioned that I am not doing tax returns this year. Kind of a new thing for our office since mostly everyone does both tax and audits. Typically, everyone has a chosen path but still dabbles on the other side. So far, it has been about the same as last year, except no Saturdays!

 The board I am on hosted their annual fundraiser on Saturday and it was the first time I was on the otherwise of such a big event.  I had a vision in my head how I thought my night would go and how perfect and smooth it would be.  No major hiccups but I barely got to wolf down my chocolate pasta and fought technology and small screened laptops most of the evening.  Still, it was a success and I enjoyed being apart of it.

More to come as I catch up.


Sarah White said...

I love that B is the one that noticed your blog was boring lately. My B got after me when I had mine open and he saw my novel of a post and was mad I hadn't told him I posted. Clearly I need to improve as well.