Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my

Who loves a good procrastination effort? I guess this girl because I am trying to finish up some quilting projects this weekend.  Why I don't know since one shower is tomorrow and one baby is being born on Tuesday. It's not like they will arrive in time anyway.  Nonetheless, one is completed and I have decided to wait for the one baby to be born and find out the gender in case I want to swap out a color.  So I might finish the rag blanket in its place.  I did bring home audit work to do and should really work on that tomorrow.

 We had some little girlies over for a play date this morning. Oh what fun was had.  I hope to try and be more regular on the play dates since it helps keep us from completely bumming around d on the weekends.

How about them Cats! 4-0 in conference play!
Please excuse all typos for the next 45ish days. I am back to only having the tablet.