Thursday, September 13, 2012

De Nile

I just can 't believe Willa is going to be 3 next week.  It doesn't seem possible.  She just gets smarter and funnier each day it seems.  B says I underestimate her but I think I have always had the notion that 2 year olds are still babies and she just blows it out of the water. 

I have been working out of the office this week at the client's that I was working at while I finished my last days incubating.  I literally worked on Thursday, was throwing up Friday morning and headed to the hospital later that night.  They always want updates on what she is doing because they feel like they were apart of my pregnancy in a way.

Being summoned for jury 4 times in the last year has been real fun.  Fun because I have never had to show up....until Monday.  I reported at 8:45 with the rest of the herd.  Even more funny, was the case was semi-related to the client I was auditing this week.  That threw me out of consideration real quick except there was nothing I could do until I was summoned into the pool.  Finally at 10:30 my name was called and I had barely sat my purse down before being dismissed after I told them my relationship with the case.  But it would have been interesting and they were planning on it lasting about 5 days.  The process was pretty interesting and confirmed my thoughts that most people are normal but the nut jobs ruin it for everyone.  One potential juror fit into the latter category and I give props to the lawyers and the judge for keeping their composure through the whole thing.  He was finally excused but it was hard to tell if he was glad or sad, he was so all over the place.

Monday also marked the day I joined my first non-profit Board. A co-worker decided she had too many commitments and that her kids were out growing this particular organization and since Willa is just getting started it seemed like a good fit.  I only hope I bring something to the table for them.

Birthday planning has been going on around here and B has pretty much taken the lead.  He picked out the favors, the cake, and the date.  (He has a tendency to picking dates, our wedding revolved around his preference).  I have been working pulling it all together but I still can't believe it is here.

Funny (well more sweet) Willa story of the week:
We had a babysitter on Saturday so we could attend a wedding.  The girl we had was the summer helper at the daycare this summer and is still helping out in the afternoons now that school has started.  It was the latest we have ever stayed out while having a sitter and she was the first to get Willa to go to bed.  A successful night I think.  So Sunday morning Willa comes into our room and her little lip is sticking out and two big tears are rolling down her face.  I asked her what was wrong and she replied "Miss S. is lost, I can't find her."  Poor girl didn't understand she had left after she went to bed, she had never experienced that before.  We got that all squared away and she spent the rest of the day telling me about how much fun she had.

Interesting story:
My mom and I procured an Ariel vanity at a garage sale last year that has been in Willa's room ever since.  It also talks and Ariel appears in the mirror.  Tonight she is playing dress up in her room and I hear Ariel talking.  Next thing I know Willa comes running and there is something in her and she is scared.  Something in the bubble.  She finally tells me the bubble is the mirror and she wants it out.  So I drag the darn thing out so she can go back to playing.  Now I am not sure what to do about it.  Do I put it back in or do I get rid of it?  It is a neat thing but she really doesn't play with it and I don't want her to be scared of being in her room.