Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

We have had a pretty busy couple of weeks. First was Willa's birthday party, her cake for school, a cake for a benefit, new carpet, a TDY & another cake.  Her party was fun, we rented a bounce house for the backyard and just sat back to watch them tire themselves out.

The Series of Unfortunate events started the day after her actual birthday. I had planned on recounting them here but despite how unfortunate they were I have gained perspective. During the almost comical expensive train wreck a coworker's grandpa passed away from a battle with cancer, an old coworker was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the cake was for a 2 year olds benefit dinner. He is battling leukemia. Perspective, I have it. Things have worked out, and we have savings to cover it.  I hate spending our savings but that is what it is there for I guess.

Willa truly embraced her birthday and keeps talking about it and asking if it is still her birthday. Which for several days it was as presents kept arriving in the mail.

She has had some funny phrases lately. She had snacks in the car and asked for them on the way home. I handed them to her and she says, "That's what I'm talking about.". She will also tell you her job is to go to school with her friends & Dad's job is to work on planes.  I am apparently just a Mommy Cow. Sigh...

In other news, I only ate out for lunch once in September and that was the day I had jury duty. I also don't think we ate out for dinner but a few times.  My pants thank me and our better eating.

Willa & I made freezer strawberry jam and strawberry coulis with our bountiful basket add ons. We are pretty pleased with ourselves.  I have also been freezing whatever we don't. Finish of the veggies each week.  I am fully prepared for soup season now.

Its beginning to look a lot like Fall around here.  The leaves are turning, its chilly in the morning, football is in full swing and we love it. Hope it lasts.

Please forgive any typos, typing on a tablet is kind of hard.


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