Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Reverse in Course

After the Lazy Sunday, the following weekend we were extremely productive.  Instead of working a little bit each weekend we decided to cram a ton of work into two days.  We took out the pool a few years ago and the removed the massive tree after that.  The previous owners had put in a ton  of brick work around the pool and some serious gravel around the tree because the grass wouldn't grow.  We sodded the large are last year and after selling the boat early in the summer we were left with some serious sand, dirt, brick badlands.  We also had some bare spots up by the porch that B kept saying he wanted to get some sod for.  Saturday morning he was off to Ace to get some sod for that area.  After laying those patches we still needed about 10 more to finish it up.  Off he went again and returned with a pallet full of sod.  The quick project quickly turned into an afternoon.  Since we had to prep the area by removing rock, pavers, and weeds it took us a few hours.  By the time we got to the sod we were pretty exhausted.  Willa was a real trooper just doing her thing and playing and then rocked at laying sod.  B would unload it from the truck, she unrolled it and then I put it in place.

It looked pretty good when we were done and we looked pretty dirty.  After showers and lunch we were tired.  On Sunday, we relocated the pavers to the create a "patio" for the grill and smoker.  There was tree/bush that we took out when my parents were here and there is still a small stump we need to remove to get it all complete, but after 5 years the yard is starting to look like a real yard.  Just in time to have birthday party.  Imagine that....getting things done when a deadline is close.

Preschool started up again this week and it also saw some of Willa's friends head off to Kindergarten.  Sadly, this means I lost my sources of information, my co-workers whose son's graduated to K.  I realized this when I forgot to ask if there was a theme for show and tell on Thursday.  I went to text them and remembered they wouldn't know.  She moved up to the new room with a new teacher and so far has been pretty excited about it.

Friday was my firms' last half-day Friday for the summer and B and I spent the afternoon shopping for new carpet for the house.  Talk about stressful.  Besides replacing the windows, this is the most expensive project to date.  Who knew?  After some heart palpitations, a quick run for Sonic's Happy Hour, we went to the carpet place next to my office and had a much better experience.  It will be so nice to have nice carpet in our bedroom, and non-blue in Willa's room.  But ask me again after the install because I am trying to figure out the logistics of that.  We have some heavy furniture and plenty of things in the closets.

Happy Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

I kinda laugh at this post as you kinda sound like your mother. Trying to get a project done before a deadline. It really looks nice, you all have really worked hard and it shows.