Friday, April 29, 2011

Day of Firsts

A big day in the Moylan household.  Willa had her first dentist appointment, first happy meal, and her first haircut!

She totally rocked the dentist appointment and haircut.  She fussed a little bit getting laid back at the dentist but was very friendly to everyone.  Then she just sat on my lap for her haircut and watched the girls that were getting their hair done for prom.  Mimi took lots of pictures and I am pretty sure she had a good time this last week with Mimi and Aunt Rue.

I was out of town for the beginning of the week and game back to several new words.  We even web-cammed with Uncle Q and my cousin Marc this week.  She said both of their names and showed them how far she can throw a ball.  Last week she got to webcam with my cousin Megan too and she is really getting the hang of people being on the other side of the TV or laptop.

Easter was pretty fun.  She got lots of new things from the grands and her aunt & uncle.  She is way spoiled. 

Since I am getting flak for not updating as much I will keep this short and maybe do another one tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think your mom got spoiled by all of good food I got to eat out here. Beej needs to come to Kansas and show us how its done.
MiMi had a great time with you all, thanks for letting me stay so long. Time went by way too fast.

Liz said...

ah! good job on the dentist! i keep telling myself i need to make audrey an appt, but i always forget...probably because i keep telling myself i need to schedule my 6 month appt, too, and i always forget that one! how did the haircut go? audrey desperately needs a trim but i'm afraid to get it cut bc i want it to grow, grow, grow!