Saturday, May 7, 2011


After 101 posts I am having a hard time typing what is in my head.  It feels like we have had a lot going on lately but I think I am just in decompression mode.  Willa is still spitting out new words everyday (it still amazes me) and expressing interest in potty training.  As much as I thought we were ready for that (& believe me, ditching diapers would be grand) I realized once again I have no idea what I am doing in this parenting business.

I have a to do list a mile long and while it would be nice to crank the whole thing out in the weekend, I have been trying to crack out at least 4 items a day.  Of course I keep adding to it, so its a moving target.  But I have been reading different blogs lately about minimalism and obviously from my previous posts going green.  So despite being on the hunt for a book shelf and two end table drawers, I did NOT go to any garage sales today despite there being some very close.  Instead I want to continue to focus on purging for a while but still keep my eyes peeled for the perfect items that I know I will eventually find.  Patience, I continue to work on it.

We learned several things this week.  1) You can not dye candy melts with icing coloring.  Bad things ensue.  2) Cheese Nips + Milk = Bad business.  Learned that one twice for us to figure out the combo.  3) I can make a car seat mat for my car in under one hour.  However, it makes me want to make more and gift/sell them and want a better sewing machine.

So, 2 things off my list today and it's not even one o'clock.  Maybe I should strive for 6 items today if I get my butt in gear and get all my work done at the office quickly.