Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crafty Mom

There seem to be a plethora of mommy bloggers crafting with their toddlers lately.  I am not that creative to do a project with Willa.  Ok maybe creative but not brave.  Since it was just us girls this weekend, and I was in the crafting mood, I decided to attempt some bow making with the chica supervising. 

Only one firm no when she went after the hot glue and then she was content to play with ribbon and her crayons.  The funniest part was later in the day we were in the office and I caught her trying to "hot glue" some ribbon. She is one smart cookies and soon to be crafter I think.  Maybe we will plan some fun one weekend after tax season is over.

Speaking of work...I got two audits out the door on Friday and my boss did the final billing on a third one and I came in under budget! Whew, makes up for being under my billable hour budget in March I think!

I also keep forgetting to take a picture of my recipe before we dig in.  I hope to work on that.