Monday, June 14, 2010

News, News, and more News

So many exciting things I don't even know where to start. So I am just going throw up all over you as they pop out of my head.

B is home. I am not.
I golfed on Friday. Not well, but we placed 3rd in our flight.
That 4th tooth popped through and Kid is much happier.
The Big 12 is staying together!!
I made marshmallow fondant this weekend. It was easy, fun, and tasted pretty yummy.

B beat us home on Friday due to the marathon of a golf tournament, so the Kid was a little groggy from her catnap, but very excited to see him. We spent most of the weekend doing yard work, getting groceries, doing laundry and giving B a crash course in her routine. Nothing like being a bachelor for 4 months and then becoming a single-parent for 4 days. I only feel a little sorry for him.

On the previous TDY's and from doing two stints in "the field" we have learned it always takes some time to adjust to being back together. Thankfully, I have learned that we both do things a little differently and as long as we follow the guidelines, it doesn't matter how things get done. But it is tough when I am used to doing things my way and at my pace. It will be really interesting when I get back on Thursday and try to jump back into the swing of things. I am pretty sure "Daddy's rules" will be in place.

The dogs are her new jungle gym and while they were happy to humor her for a few days they have quickly grown tired of it. They give me the save me look and try to move to safer ground. Her tooth must have came in days after the first top one because I noticed during one of her laughing sessions. We still have a ways to go for the rest, but hopefully we get a little break before the next one.

I made the cake from the previous post on Saturday as well, and had quite a bit of fun. Marshmallow fondant is pretty tasty and my buttercream frosting didn't turn out to bad either. If anybody wants to try it, let me know and I will send over my tips. I might even attempt to make the Kid's first birthday cake when the time rolls around.

But I am off in Billings for a few more days and we intend to eat at all the spots we don't normally get. Johnny Carinos and Texas Roadhouse (which funnily, started in Indiana) were the first off our list.

Have a great week.