Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sock Monster and Seizures

I have finally figured out where the wee little bitty socks are escaping to in the wash. Footie pajamas are perfect little hidey spots. Two pj's in a row had hidden socks and the Kid looked at me after I freed her monster toes with such glee to have room to wiggle. So I have now learned to check the footies for extra friends.

She has also moved on to fruits in her solids venture. Pears to be precise and she likes them ok. Sweet potatoes still rank supreme for her palette. But man-o-man can she make a mess if she wants. She tries to steal the spoon, the food, the bib, Bosco's ear and anything else she can get her hands on. So comical, especially now that she grips her bottle with such determination.

We also had a bit of a scare last week. Dear Bosco had 2 seizures within 10 minutes of each other which resulted in a quick trip to the vet. Poor guy had to be stuck twice to get enough blood. Luckily, those were the only ones he had and our regular vet thinks we can hold off on any meds unless it becomes a regular occurrence.

The poor dogs are about to lose their luxury since B will be gone for the next 4 months. Packing for the duration and a quick stop in Kansas has been interesting. He is basically covering 3 seasons as I am sure Texas gets warm quicker than it does here. So wish the dogs and I luck as we brave the cold alone. (Anyone care to shovel snow and mow the yard?)


Liz and Brian Busch said...

Bosco is my dog's name back in Virginia! We are meant to be friends :)