Saturday, May 5, 2012

May's Mayhem begins

Several funny stories I think this week.  A few from the daycare.

One of the babies was crying at school and Willa went over and told the baby, "It's OK baby,mom just went to work, she will be back.  Don't worry."  Apparently some kids have to be reassured and Willa has heard the line several times.

Willa has one freckle on her entire body and it is on her hip bone.  She asks us at home all the time if we have freckles.  I guess a discussion at school started and everyone wanted to see her freckle.  Miss Mandy didn't know what to think when Willa was wanting to show off her freckle which has been dubbed the secret freckle.

I put over 600 miles on my car this week commuting back and forth for a bank exam, proving to myself that we will never live very far from where we work.  I was exhausted by day three and so happy to be back in the office on Friday.  I learned a lot from the guys in Missoula so it wasn't a complete failure, but poor them, they had to hand hold me all week doing some of the procedures.

I met up with a friend from UGF on Sunday.  She has a new longarm quilting machine and offered to quilt the tumbler quilt I pieced.  I ended up piecing the back panel twice because I didn't do the first one big enough.  Luckily, I love the piece so much I don't think I will have a hard time using it up.

On Thursday I told Willa that we were going to the office, then school, then Dad would pick her up and then we would go watch baseball.  She was so excited and chatted on with one of the shareholders at the office.  She was way to chatty for being at the office at 7 am in my opinion (we hate mornings).  When I pulled into the daycare parking lot she started crying.  At first I thought it was because she saw a white truck leaving and thought it was Ms. Mandy's, then I realized she just wanted to go watch baseball.  After some iffyness at the field later that night, B finally played a game and we got to see one full rainbow and a little half rainbow.  Throw in B going to the midnight showing of the Avengers and it was a busy day.

I am working in town next week so hopefully I will get to do some crafty things.