Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Shaping Up.....

To be a busy summer already.  Willa has not lost her enthusiasm for "baseball" and we have gone every week to watch B play.  She has really gotten into it, including yelling at the catcher, "You gotta catch that!" after he dropped an easy pop up.  I truly didn't know whether to high five her or crawl in a whole in case the poor guy heard.  Especially since he is on our team.  Luckily, the rest of the team thought it was hilarious.

Being the troopers we are, we even endured the rain tonight and at the mere mention of those horrid Jayhawks by a teammate, she promptly yelled "Go Wildcats!"  I had my first heart palpitation moment when a foul ball came over the back stop.  We had been sitting in the dugout but Willa was playing in puddles by the bleachers.  Foul ball goes up and in my fastest moments as of late swooped her out of harms way when the ball bounced about 10 feet away.  I then had to shag the ball.  Fun times.

It's crazy how light it stays late into the evening this time of year.  It has really caused a backtrack in our bedtime routine because she doesn't believe it is time for bed even though it's 9 o'clock.  We have a new sprinkler and she just thinks it is grand to run up and hit at it.  I think she is crazy because I hate cold water but B is convinced she is going to be a fish like him.

The hunt for the Bumblebee's replacement is semi-underway....but I am having a hard time letting go and deciding what I want next.  B was being very patient on the search but he has now thrown in the towel and left me on my own.  It is so much to ask that I would like to continue only having to fill up with gas once a month?  I think not.  I am convinced that I will know when I see it (and see the MPG's).

I scored my very own Perry the Platypus shirt this week because I was tired of hearing that "You don't have a Perry shirt, I do.  Dad has one."  Quite honestly, it is cooler and softer than theirs. :p  She still has yet to wear hers, but as I have a new method to getting her dressed in the morning she is only down to the 2 Perry shirts and her Sebastian shirt to choose from and since she can't go to school topless, I will win.


ksuJennyP said...

The perfect replacement for the bumblebee is a beetle of course.