Sunday, April 15, 2012

Under the Big Top

As the first day of solo parenting was underway, I decided Willa and I would go to the Shrine Circus.  We tried going last year and she lasted a whole 20 minutes into the show.  My office sponsored the circus so we had free tickets and I figured well if she doesn't last at least we aren't buying tickets.  I talked it up all morning and she was excited to go until it was time to get dressed.  Then a meltdown ensued.  But we made it out the door and to the show in time to grab a popcorn.  She also chatted with the clowns on our way in.

I wasn't thinking properly as I was searching for seats, as I just wanted to have some space.  Going to the 11 o'clock show was a good idea since there wasn't too many people, but I picked a seat farthest from the restrooms.  Add into the fact they have a big "sink" like the one the found in the PV Ag shop and the child had to take multiple trips.  The intermission was a pain because they bring out the ponies and elephants for rides.  I bribed Willa with cotton candy and we stayed in our seats.  She started to get antsy during the second half I was sure we would be leaving.  Luckily the elephants finally came back out and the show was over.  We headed to the car and were half way there when I realized we had dropped her coat.  Thankfully, it was right where we were sitting.

We made a quick stop at the dollar tree to pick up the kid some more puzzles and a bin for all her chalk and bubbles.   The girl is flying the puzzles and we can't keep up.  I am going to ration out the 5 we bought yesterday in hopes it will slow down the boredom.

Her recent new phrases....."I don't understand what you saying."  Usually when we say something she doesn't want to hear.  "I love Orbit, he's so cute!"  "I love baseball."  & "Perry the PLATYPUS!"  She has been on a Phineas and Ferb kick.

I don't think many people at the office had to work this weekend.  I spent most of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday begging for things to do.  I did most of the extensions we are filing and updating our access file.  It's been such a mellow tax season that we can hardly believe it.

Our tax party is on Thursday and I got my babysitter all lined out.  Friday is our day off and other than going to watch The Hunger Games, I am not sure what I am going to do.