Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty Dresses

Whoever bet that our dinosaur, dragon, snake, and alligator-loving little girl would make a compete 180 flip to wearing "pretty dresses" everyday is a winner.  I have been transitioning some of her clothes for the summer and for size and looked at her jeans/pants drawer and thought wow, we have this covered.  Famous last words, right?  Thankfully, she got three new dresses in the mail the other day so now she has 5.

Fortunately, my co-workers daughters (she has four thus far, she is an expert) coached me that I needed to invest in some leggings as they are far superior than tights.   As I rarely wear a dress or skirt this has turned into some of the best advise ever received.  B even joked that Willa has worn more dresses in the last week than I have in a year.  I counted and he was correct.

We have been in the "terrible two's" for a little while now, but a change up in the nighttime routine and curbed some of those battles.  Except last night when she went for round 2 and round 3, each time making me think it was safe to go to bed.

A few weeks ago I watched a webinar from Positive Parenting about No-yelling parenting.  It has changed me, for the better!  Some things I already knew, but some of the tips and tricks she gave are so helpful and have worked.  I am not perfect by any means, but she said the goal is to have to think hard about the last time you had to raise your voice.  I have slipped, because man she can flip a switch faster than we can blink sometimes.  We have gotten so much better at recognizing her testing points and trying to avoid them and like most Moylan's I know if she is tired or hungry, she is going to be a grouch.  Fair enough, at least I am prepared.

I promised not to talk about this subject but I am hoping if I mention it, there will be an improvement.  Potty training is about 80-20 right now, her call depending on the day.  She doesn't want to miss anything (um, wonder where she gets that), so we never know how the day is going to go.  But if we are out and about, she does pretty good.  So we know its a "choice" on her part some days and that part is hard to swallow, because she is very smart and we know she can do it.  I know this is pretty typical, but man it's kind of a pain.

& why must pull ups have characters on them and why can't a bag have only one design in a bag?  Because apparently there is a hierarchy over which to wear.  Luckily she only wears them at nap and night, but if she can't find the one she wants she gets a little ticked.  If they could just be plain.....

12 more days until the end of the tax filing season.  I counted, I have done 43 returns and 3 personal.  Seems strange.


Liz said...

i loooove leggings! They allow so many different outfits to work during multiple seasons. I wish our potty training was going as well as you...and ugh to the tantrums. We are really trying a no-yell aspect too but it is so hard to keep your cool sometimes! We have also noticed a change in them when we changed up our routine this week. As soon as she gets home from school, we all go on a walk and play a little and THEN have dinner and it has seemed to really work out for the's like she has this pent up energy that is all bottled inside and if we let her play it out before dinner, she's okay...if not, WATCH OUT.

Liz said...
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Anonymous said...

Well I am kinda with you on her wearing dresses. I didn't think we would see that day. But she is really into her pretty stuff. I think the dress up clothes might of done it. And I wonder where she gets her not wanting to miss out on things.. too funny. I think she is doing good on potty training. And June can't get here fast enough for me.