Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mark you Calendars People

Willa AND B both ate a dinner I made.  Well B skipped the scalloped potato because well...he has issues.  But the packet chicken was a success.  My mom and dad started the foil packet chicken and I think we have liked no matter the combo of spices, but this was time it was extremely tasty.  I also made applesauce bread today and its probably a good thing I made a big loaf instead of small ones again because Willa and I could probably eat the whole thing in an afternoon.

Mandi and I created another cake on Friday.  I didn't get home until midnight but we sure had fun making it.  I FINALLY figured out how to make presentable cake pops.  Unfortunately poor little Ellie in Kansas didn't get as pretty ones as Gracie.  But now I know.

I thought this posted a long time ago.  I guess it didn't.