Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lessons Learned

This has been a week of learning for me. About myself, my family, and my child.

My work spouse put eloquently this morning that sometimes you have to be the squeaky wheel to get what you want. More importantly, I stood up for my ethics and didn't get pushed around. Our windows saga/drama continued this week when we were told we might not get them installed until after the new year. Being an accountant I am up-to-date (usually) on the tax laws especially on credits which I will be using. For those not so in the know, the federal energy credit expires on December 31st. That means everything must be installed. Mr. Window Salesman seems to think people can just fudge things, which they could, but accountants are held to a higher standard and I am not risking my one day license to fudge on a tax credit. People don't realize how much the IRS is looking at credits and deductions these days. With all the electronic filing now, W-2's and 1099's are easing to match up, its all the other stuff they look into now. There were so many people audited over the home buyers credit because of people filing fraudulent returns. But I digress, despite Mr. Windows Salesman contracting with installers that won't call him back, he found me a new one and the windows are going in on Saturday.

Which means occupying a toddler all day while dealing with that and no hubby around to help. Yay for a TDY. But we are going to hydrate and press on.

My second lesson of the week means I may have to admit the hubby was right. I am putting it in print and will wait for the gloating to commence upon him reading this. T0ddler + tree + force = tree on the ground = breaking plastic. I turned my back to hang up my coat and crash Charlie Brown came tumbling down. Child was good, but one of the ornaments met a tragic end.

My third lesson also occurred tonight while making dinner. Our dear dare-devil child thought it would be a good idea to stand up in her high chair. It continues to amaze me how fast she can move when she wants too. I should have strapped her in to begin with, but usually she just hangs out munching on her snack chatting with the eagerly awaiting dogs.

Her Christmas program at daycare was tonight as well. It was really cute, the kids acted out Twas' the Night Before Christmas and then sang some carols. Willa joined in at the end for some singing and bell ringing. She nailed her part. Sadly, the program started at 7 and bedtime has crept to 8 so we booked it out of there before Miss Cranky pants lost it. It has been so funny, when she is ready for bed she puts her hand over her head and waves bye bye. That usually means she happens about 5 minutes before she crashes. It has been great for us though, no more fighting bedtime.

New words this week are Stop, Tay Tay, and I swear this morning she said Where's dada? No way, Bosco and good girl continue to be favorites. Visitors arrive next week and hopefully the house is all put back together and I can get it ready in time for Saturday morning.