Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I started this blog so I could jot down the things I don't want to forget and I have a few stories that have just cracked me up about the little chicka.

So the aforementioned tree has received a lot of attention from her and I have the glittered ball ornaments that struck her fancy right off the bat. She maneuvered one off and then a second. You know, one for each hand, but then she spotted another one that she wanted. Of course she couldn't put down the two she was holding for fear that mom would take them. (I could see her little wheels turning and it was just way to sweet to tell her no). So with just her two little pointer fingers she finagled that 3rd ball off the tree.

This morning she woke up around 3 and couldn't put herself back to sleep. I went to pick her up and she wailed for her elephant pillow. We grabbed it and headed to the couch thinking she would lay on me and fall back asleep. Oh no, she squirmed until she was next to me and then squirmed some more as she worked her pillow out from under. She plopped it on my pillow, gave it a fluff, and rested her little head right down. It was just precious.

She has taken up coloring and despite a few no, no, no's about putting them in her mouth she does pretty good. She grabs a notebook and writes a little, turns the page, and so on and so on. She even holds the crayons "right," just like Mrs. Briggs taught us in 3rd grade. Sometimes she even plops down on her belly to color her coloring book. It just amazes me how quick she is becoming a little person.

The tree came down again and has now been moved to the dining room. We spent most of Friday night cleaning up and moving things around getting ready for the new windows to go in, which brings me to the next story.....

I bought this large martini glass, shamrock decorated, St. Patty's day thing a few years ago at Michael's and it has clear glass rocks and some yellow and green dragon tear rocks in it. As I was in the office hiding Christmas presents out of the way she sat on the floor and showed her first anal accountant tendency. She went through all those rocks removing all the clear ones and put them in a pile on the floor. It was fascinating to just watch go through and pick them out one by one. I am not lying when I say you can tell when she is focusing on something she really wants.

But alas, the last window just went in and the kiddo is waking up.