Monday, January 13, 2014

The Queen

Little Kids' imaginations just crack me up.  Willa's just rocks in her own cute way and she constantly surprises me with some of the things she comes up with.  Her storytelling usually has some truth to hit which makes us many more questions to find out the real scoop.

But the other night I thought she might enjoy watching the video from Frozen where Queen Elsa sings Let it Go.  She has seen the movie twice now and pretty much new all the words.  Again, she beats me in the song knowledge game.  Since I really enjoy the song I have no problem letting her listen to it.

After we spent a half hour watching all our favorite Disney tunes on You Tube, she decided she was going to be Queen Elsa, which wouldn't be that big of deal normally because dress up is a big part of the routine around here.  Oh no, she reached up and pulled the snowflake gel clings off the window and proceeded to use those to build her ice castle.  I was instructed to not touch her because I would "get froze."  Had me cracking up when she asked for a braid too.

She is potentially working on her fear of heights.  She moved up into a new tumbling class and the gym got new gymnastics equipment including uneven bars. (Don't think I don't wish I could take a class and dream about being an Olympian). Anyway she got to hang on the high bar.  It looked to me like she enjoyed it but she confessed it was a little scary.  But we were so proud of her.

 We also spent 4 days working on a 1000 piece puzzle that we bought for Christmas only to find there were 3 pieces missing.  We suspect the dogs maybe ate them.

 P.S. Don't mind my phone photos.